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Our Story

DevFinite was founded in June 2012 in Newfoundland by Michael Colbourne. After being a software consultant for many years, it was time to grow beyond the goals of other firms and focus on the larger picture. Technology is changing at an exponential rate and the skills required to master the web are challenged daily. In order to diversify, DevFinite has since expanded its team of technical and design experts and poised to be a major player in the market now and in the future.






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Our Beliefs

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Provide our clients with high skilled, experienced consultants that will make their project a success.

To create inspiring and functional IT and design solutions that will help your business achieve a successful future.

At Devfinite, we believe in providing only the best Customer Experience, Knowledge, Innovation, Professionalism and Team Work

our history

About Our Company


The Origin of Us

Fresh out of College, Michael graduated at the top of his class and was offered a job at an Aerospace Engineering firm. Programming systems on Helicopters and other Heavy equipment proved to be exciting work but it lacked the room for improvement of a broader skillset.

So, to keep the passion of technology alive, Michael worked on various consulting gigs and government projects before realizing there was greater opportunity in becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own boutique Development company.

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Moving and Grooving

DevFinite Inc. was incorporated and found its first major client in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was exciting times as the economy was at its peak and capital was flowing through the city. This allowed the company to get a start in the right direction by building industry relationships while providing services to multiple clients.


We are Growing Fast

Within a few years, DevFinite had several Enterprise clients and projects that allowed us to provide a higher level of service through multiple resources. DevFinite outsourced Developers and Designers to help complete projects on time and under budget. This methodology gained us a local reputation of a preferred vendor.

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The year of uncertainty

Its been a tough year for most people with a Global pandemic sending shockwaves throughout our economy. However, through this peril, we've seen great innovation in technology and how it can help us to stay connected and productive. We are extremely grateful to be able to help essential businesses operate in a more efficient manner.